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Melt In Nature Tour - Sri Lanka 7 Days 6 Nights


Embark on an immersive journey into Sri Lanka's natural wonders, beginning with the captivating Minneriya safari, followed by the lush greenery of Nuwara Eliya, and culminating at the scenic Ella. This meticulously curated itinerary offers a harmonious blend of wildlife encounters, verdant landscapes, and coastal serenity.

  • Resort:
  • Stay: 7 Nights
  • Offer Expire: October 31, 2025

7 Nights/8 Days Itinerary

Arrival to Sri Lanka. You will be met by our Travel representatives at the airport and transferred to Negombo.

✯ Check-in at the hotel
Rest of the day relaxing on the beach, refresh from the jet lag and getting ready to the adventure awaits next few days

Proceed to Sigiriya in the morning from Colombo

✯ En route Visit Dambulla Golden cave temple
We will continue our journey to Dambulla and on our way we can check the Dambulla Cave Temples is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO 1991) that comprises 5 major cave temples, 153 Buddha statues, three statues of Sri Lankan kings, and four statues of gods and goddesses. The Golden Buddha is also revealed after descending from the gentle slope of Dambulla, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding flat landscape, including the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, 19 km away.

Rest of the day leisure at the hotel

✯ Proceed to Minneriya National Park for morning safari
Minneriya National Park, situated in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, is a renowned wildlife sanctuary known for its large gatherings of elephants. The park is especially famous for the "Gathering," an annual event where hundreds of elephants congregate around the Minneriya Tank to graze and drink water during the dry season. Visitors to Minneriya National Park can enjoy thrilling safari experiences and the opportunity to witness a wide range of wildlife, including leopards, deer, and a variety of bird species, in a stunning natural setting.

✯ Climb Sigiriya rock fortress
Sigiriya, often referred to as the "Lion Rock," is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Sri Lanka known for its remarkable historical and architectural significance. Rising dramatically from the surrounding plains, it features ancient rock fortifications, well-preserved frescoes, and a stunning palace complex atop the summit. Sigiriya offers visitors a captivating journey into the island's rich history, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking cultural exploration and breathtaking natural beauty.

✯ En route Visit Matale Spice Garden
The Matale Spice Garden, located in the central region of Sri Lanka, is a lush and aromatic paradise that offers visitors an immersive experience into the world of spices. Covering a vast expanse, it showcases a wide array of spice plants, herbs, and medicinal plants. Visitors can explore the garden to learn about the cultivation, harvesting, and uses of these spices, making it a sensory-rich educational adventure.

✯ En route Kandy City Tour & Temple of tooth relic
The hill capital is another “World Heritage Site”. It was the last stronghold of the Sinhalese Kings during the Portuguese, Dutch and British rule and finally ceded to the British in 1815 after an agreement. To the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and the World, Kandy is one of the most sacred sites as it is the home of the “Dalada Maligawa” - Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha a sacred Buddhist temple that houses the relic of the tooth of Lord Buddha. It is a revered pilgrimage site and a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its intricate architecture and cultural significance. Visitors can witness traditional ceremonies and rituals, offering a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Sri Lanka's rich religious and historical heritage.

✯ En route visit to tea factory
Tea factory tours in Sri Lanka provide a fascinating glimpse into the production of the world-renowned Ceylon tea. Visitors can explore the lush tea plantations, witness the meticulous tea plucking process, and then step inside the factories to observe the withering, rolling, fermenting, and drying stages. These tours offer an educational and aromatic experience, allowing tea enthusiasts to appreciate the craftsmanship behind this beloved beverage.

Proceed to Ella

✯ En route Nuwara Eliya City Tour
The ‘Little England’ of Sri Lanka, is set against beautiful backdrops of Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Tea Plantations. It is supposed to be one of the coolest places in the Island, but it is really just like an English spring day, although the temperature does drop at night. All around Nuwara Eliya you will see evidence of the British influence, houses like country cottages or Queen Ann style mansions. The Victoria Park, in the middle of the town, is a lovely place for a stroll or a picnic and is also good for Birding as you get some rare birds in this Park. Seasons may be absent elsewhere in Sri Lanka, but here you can read them by the flowers, which bloom in the spring (March to May) and the fall (August and September). These are the “seasons” when low-country folk flock to Nuwara Eliya to escape the sea level heat and humidity

✯ Visit 9 arch bridge
The Nine Arch Bridge, also known as the Bridge in the Sky, is an iconic railway viaduct located near Ella in Sri Lanka's Hill Country. This architectural marvel is famous for its nine graceful arches and stunning jungle backdrop, creating a picturesque scene for visitors. It's a popular spot for photography and a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring the scenic beauty of Ella.

✯ Climb little Adam’s Peak
Little Adam's Peak is a popular trekking destination near Ella in Sri Lanka. It offers a relatively easy hike with panoramic views of the lush green landscapes and Ella Gap. At the summit, visitors are treated to breathtaking vistas of the surrounding tea plantations and valleys, making it a rewarding and picturesque adventure.

✯ Flying Ravana (Optional – not included with the price)
Flying Ravana is an exhilarating zip-lining adventure located in the lush forests of Ella, Sri Lanka. It offers thrill-seekers the chance to soar through the treetops on one of Asia's longest zip-lines, reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. With stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and a unique adrenaline rush, Flying Ravana is a must-try experience for adventure enthusiasts visiting Ella.

✯ Visit Ravana Pool club (Optional – not included with the price)
If a day out by the pool in the mountains with stunning views sound like the type of healing you are searching for, Ravana Pool Club in Ella is the best place to be. It has a large restaurant, a massive most important pool, private VIP swimming pools, a heated jacuzzi, a party platform, a pool bar and deck, with many day beds, solar beds and living room seating wherein visitors ought to loosen up and unwind. the main view from the deck is the majestic and famous among Instagram photographers.

Ravana Pool club will make you a great fun and relaxation after you finished many trekking in Ella area.

Proceed to Weligama

✯ Weligama surfing (Optional)
Weligama Beach in Sri Lanka is a renowned surfing destination, perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. The consistent, gentle waves and sandy bottom of the bay make it an ideal spot to learn to surf, and several surf schools and rental shops are available along the shore. With its laid-back atmosphere and fantastic surf conditions, Weligama Beach has become a popular hotspot for surfers looking to catch some waves while enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Rest of the day Leisure on the beach

Proceed to Colombo city tour and shopping tour

Experience the vibrant pulse of Colombo with our immersive city tour and shopping excursion! Delve into the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture as you explore iconic landmarks such as the Gangaramaya Temple and the bustling Pettah Market. Indulge your senses in the kaleidoscope of aromas and flavors at local spice markets, and uncover hidden treasures in artisan boutiques and modern shopping malls. With expert guides leading the way, this tour promises an unforgettable blend of sightseeing and retail therapy, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of Colombo's dynamic spirit.

If you opt for a beach stay, we'll arrange transportation to your chosen beachside hotel, ensuring you start your getaway with ease. Alternatively, if it's time to bid farewell to the journey, you will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight back to Home country with the magic of Sri Lanka in the heart.